Star of India

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In India, tea equals time. It symbolizes relationships.
In order to build relationships with consumers, we created a culturally sustainable brand. Tea became the conduit for culture.

Star of India’s story is told in the voice of Indians. Writing, art, printing, even point- of-purchase displays are created in India, by traditional craftspeople. The brand expresses the resonance of relationships in every gesture. After traveling to Delhi and forming relationships with Indian designers and craftspeople, we asked them to share the story of tea through letters, art and crafts.

There are no American copywriters, photographers or illustrators. Every facet of the Star of India Brand is conveyed by those who live it everyday.

The result is a rich brand experience as rich and surprising as the culture it expresses. Graphics, typography, posters, trade show booths – all speak a language impossible to create in a traditional American market strategy.

Point-of-purchase kiosks are built using traditional materials. Each display is unique. Small cards for point-of-purchase display have authentic chai recipes and more short stories about tea in India.

Wholesale collateral reproduce stories of the importance of tea in the fabric of day-to-day Indian culture. Most are screen-printed in India without altering the the original in any way.

Amateur photographs of tea culture throughout the country are printed as postcards and sent to distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Hand-painted Posters
We asked traditional sign painters in Old Delhi to depict daily moments in which tea plays an important role. These original paintings on reclaimed metal travel to different retail locations as exhibits. Best yet, we were able to pay artists above market wages.

Chai Masala Packaging
The posters have been adapted to packaging for authentic chai masalas. Customers can purchase posters that are painted to order and shipped directly from Old Delhi.

Our Indian liaison in Delhi suggested the sign painters make hand-painted t-shirts. We had no idea what to expect until they arrived. Rather than being sold, they are gifts for wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

Chai Baskets
These chai baskets are used by chaiwallahs (tea sellers) in the streets of Delhi. We brought them back from India and introduced them as retail products.

These are food service teapots designed in collaboration with traditional coppersmiths in Old Delhi. The proportions are based on tea leaves.