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PacifiCorp has an edge over the competition because they produce their own power. They weren’t just energy brokers buying and selling a commodity. As both a wholesale and consumer energy company, they require an brand strategy integrating communications, packaging, advertising, trade show presence and even a wholesale power bill.

Every point of customer contact helps define your brand. For an energy company, a bill is no different. We rewrote the brief to address the problem of turning a potentially negative point of contact – the monthly invoice – into an opportunity to build a lasting relationship. Most wholesale power bills are indecipherable. Therefore every charge is up for scrutiny. The design of PacifiCorp’s monthly invoice engendered such trust, they were winning millions of dollars of business even when they weren’t the lowest bidder.

Utility Manager monitors your energy use in order to help you find inefficiencies and save on energy costs. The brief called for software packaging on a tight budget. Research showed plant managers are unlikely to embrace new software unless we make it easy to do so. Rather than spend scant resources on packaging that disappears soon after installation, we designed a better, easier-to-understand manual, and put it in a package that belongs next to the desk. It doing so, we turned a negative point of contact into a relationship-building experience. Frome there, the brand was a runaway success.

Ad campaigns reinforce the value of being more than energy brokers – but a company of experienced people actually building infrastructure, harnessing energy and delivering reliable power. That “Capacity to Provide” brand platform was expressed in part by ads featuring the working hands of Pacific Power lineman superimposed onto images of energy at work.