Part One:
We practice Design Thinking.
We provide brand stewardship, marketing strategy and communication in all media for clients in a broad range of industries.
We are founded on the principle that design is a method, not a style. We work with our clients in a direct, open-minded, collaborative manner, refined by research, business acumen and rare creative intuition.

Part Two:
Design is not an artifact. It’s a process. We work closely with clients to bring out the nuances that make them who they are. Then find the best way to express them. A business always speaks to its audience through a medium, which is to say, from a distance. In helping clients refine their expression, we minimize that distance. The result is better communication and stronger relationships between our clients and their audiences. Sometimes this means higher sales, or a more resonant sense of identity. Or something else, depending on the client’s communication needs. We help clarify these needs and answer them.