Commencement Part 6: The creative process is intrinsically optimistic.


When practised dutifully, it is always always always about imagining a solution to a problem yet to be solved. This is astounding. It is always about that very thing.

It stands to reason then if the creative process is intrinsically optimistic, it is thereby an ideal agent for positive change. Think about this for just a moment. Every time we walk into the room to work – whether the studio or a client meeting – we are there because no one else in the room feels they can transform the experience without our assistance. This is an honor demanding the respect of our best effort.

This, again, underscores the need to work for people, companies and causes we sincerely wish to see succeed.

My gift like yours, is the ability to employ the creative process in the pursuit of solving ambiguous, complex problems. Yet, unlike a ledger sheet of ciphers that need to balance, solving the problem is not enough. In the realm of creativity, a problem is not truly put to rest until it emanates authentic and uncompromising beauty.

For reasons I cannot explain, the universe has bestowed upon us – all you and I – to work and live in the murk of the creative process. Speaking for myself, I am responsible to give it back to the world. Not doing so is the only unforgivable sin.

Next installment posted Monday, July 18:
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